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Spatiality has joined the Esri Partner Network (EPN) as a Silver member. That is exciting news, since this allows us to deliver unprecedented business value to our clients. Joining EPN also fits well into our purpose of helping businesses to leverage big data and location analytics.


Spatiality was founded in 2016 to focus on cloud-based GIS solutions. We enrolled in the Esri Startup Program and developed capabilities in the use of ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro. Helpful content was shared through blogs and social media, but the uptake of cloud GIS and other emerging technologies remained below expectation. Against this backdrop Geospatial Advocacy Kenya was initiated to promote the use of geospatial technologies in Kenya and beyond. Unfortunately, this initiative lost traction with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Kenya, GIS and mapping has been embraced by a relatively small group, but the emergence of AI and data science is offering exciting new opportunities for geospatial technology. Moreover, the notion that businesses must embrace technology and adopt a data-driven culture to innovate and relevant is taking root. In recognition of these trends Spatiality is positioning itself as a solution provider for big data and location analytics. Combining these seemingly distinct technologies will enable us to make sense of your satellite imagery archives and location aware IoT data.

Esri Partner Network

Esri’s global network of partners delivers solutions, content, and services using the Esri Geospatial Cloud. Partners offer industry-specific insight and ArcGIS software expertise and customize and extend the reach of Esri Geospatial Cloud technology. They collaborate with Esri to help users and customers take advantage of opportunities to be more effective and efficient, maximizing the benefits of their investment in Geospatial technology.

Partners broadly fall into six categories based on the offerings that they provide:

  • Content – Release-ready imagery, data, and analytics that enrich ArcGIS and can be used to create beautiful, shareable maps and outputs that enhance decision making.
  • Services – Best-in-class consulting, training, and development to help organizations maximize return on investment in ArcGIS.
  • Solutions – Applications, product suites, and customized solutions that solve problems across business functions.
  • System integration – Integration of ArcGIS, IT and hardware infrastructure to support the development of new enterprise capabilities – from concept to completion.
  • Management consulting – Enabling holistic change with a focus on process and performance improvements that address short and long-term needs when integrating ArcGIS.
  • Hardware – Packaged solutions, bundled offers and devices for use with Esri technology.

In addition, Esri enables partners to distinguish themselves through specialty designations that indicate expertise in an industry or technology. For instance, partners with the ArcGIS Online designation are ready to help you maximize the ArcGIS platform with content, apps, and services. Partners with the ArcGIS Cloud Services designation instead are ready to help you deploy ArcGIS solutions in a cloud environment.

Our Offerings

As Spatiality we focus on the needs of our customers and desire to be a one-stop shop for big data and spatial analytics. Ultimately, we intend to offer a wide range of product solutions and services. However, our assessment of the market reveals an immediate need for management consulting to develop a long-term strategy and professional services for immediate business gains. With market growth and maturity of our customers the demand for content, product solutions and system integration will increase over time.

In anticipation of the success of our customers we will certainly explore and discuss possibilities for creating valuable content, and industry-specific solutions and the integration of big data and location analytics with other business systems. But for now, let’s discuss the management consulting and professional services that we will be offering.

Management Consulting

Leveraging emerging technologies such as Cloud, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Geospatial Technology to derive insights from large volumes of structured and unstructured data is a challenge for any company.  Our combined expertise in data and location analytics, business management, and project services enables us to develop a strategic roadmap for your organization.

The road map will develop a technology vision and architecture that is aligned to your company’s business strategy and the attainment of corporate goals. In our approach we use a maturity model to develop the long-term capabilities of the organization while pursuing immediate gains (e.g. reducing costs, improving service delivery).

Professional Services

Data is the new gold but working with data is not as simple as it might seem. Spatiality offers a continuum of data-related services that helps businesses to make better decisions and improve operations.

  1. Project Planning – any data project requires careful planning to determine what data and insights are needed to improve decision-making and business operations. At this stage we will take stock of the existing data and assess their quality.
  2. Data Gathering – All available data will be compiled into an analytical database. This data might be readily available as business data or could be hidden (e.g. website, and social media statistics) or unstructured (e.g. email) Additional data might be gathered through survey or acquired from external sources.
  3. Data Cleaning – Once the data has been gathered it needs to be cleaned to ensure that the data is valid and free of errors. Missing data will be imputed or disregarded. Skipping this step will lead to misleading results.
  4. Data Analysis – A typical analysis workflow will evolve from descriptive, causative, predictive towards prescriptive analytics. Establishing statistical facts, trends, and relationships within the data forms the basis for predictive analytics using methods such as Machine Learning. Machine Learning models can then be used to optimize business decisions.
  5. Data Visualization – Visualization is a critical step in the data workflow since maps, reports and graphs are very intuitive and informative. Interactive dashboards and web maps are particularly useful since one can easily engage with them to gain further insights.
  6. Data Dissemination – In many instances data insights will have to be disseminated to all relevant stakeholders through an app or a web page. Spatiality has the expertise in these areas and can even assist in converting the workflow into a data pipeline.
  7. Maintenance, Monitoring & Evaluation – Any successful data project is likely to result into an ongoing client relationship. At this stage we will maintain the data workflow, monitor the impacts, and make any improvements that are needed.

Our Approach

We are very much aware that the adoption of new technology comes with a myriad of challenges, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. We will therefore provide you with lots of helpful information that will you along the way and empower you to make an informed business decision regarding the adoption of big data and location analytics. We will walk with you as you travel the road untraveled towards a bright future.

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