Willy Simons

Willy Simons is a geospatial data scientist with a passion for geospatial advocacy. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Spatiality.
Geospatial technology has found new relevance with the emergence of data as an organizational asset. Still, many people fail to gain real insights from their location data.

Willy started Spatiality to help organizations to collect, gather, manage, analyze, and present location data needed for action and decision-making. The desired outcome is improved business performance and a solution to some of the world’s biggest problems.

Prior to founding Spatiality, Willy was the co-founder and Managing Director of Oakar Services and Esri Eastern Africa, two leading firms in Kenya’s geospatial industry. He is experienced in business management and has skills in both geospatial technology and data science.

Willy has an MSc degree from Wageningen Agricultural University and an MBA from Strathmore University. He also obtained a Microsoft Professional Program certificate in Data Science and is a certified PRINCE2 practitioner in Project Management.

Since founding Spatiality Willy has been involved in geospatial advocacy work through Twitter and a blog on the Spatiality website. Recently he started Geospatial Advocacy Kenya on WhatsApp and Slack to unite and promote the geospatial industry in Kenya.